LJJAS-500 Heavy-duty CNC Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw

Product Details

1. Used for aluminum & curtain-wall profile corner connector profile cutting into right pieces at the angle of 90°

2. With Micro PC CNC control System, Man-Machine interface operation.

3. Touch Screen input and control, convenient set the data and perform the order.

4. Linear bearing which ensures running in lower resistance and high processing accuracy.

5. Auto profile feeding system.

6. Automatic feeding and cutting after loading profile, convenient operation and safetyreliable.

7. Setting cutting quantity in advance and digital display the cutting length and quantity.

8. It is suitable for the batch production of corner key for aluminum window.

- The machine has the advantages of simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology and easy maintenance.

- It is mainly used for cutting the corner codes of aluminium doors and windows.

- The continuous cutting of 6m angle code profile can be realized with only one clamping.

- The import control system and the man-machine interface are used in the control system, which has a high degree of automation.

- The cutting tool adopts carbide saw blade, which has high cutting speed, high productivity and high machining accuracy.

- The feed pair adopts linear motion bearing, which has small resistance and high precision.

- The feeding mechanism adopts automatic feeding system, which is stable, reliable and efficient.

- Pneumatic system is used to control the advance and retreat of clamping and sawing. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has high productivity.

Technical Parameters

Brand name          


Model number  


Power supply


Motor power  


Motor rotary speed


Working air pressure      


Auto feeding length


Cutting width x height


Saw blade specification

 Φ500 x Φ30

Contour dimension  




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