ZNJ1800-I/ZNJ1800-II Insulating Glass Automatic Sealing Robot

Product Details

1. The whole machine adopts the man-machine interface, the operation is more convenient and intuitionistic with the simplified thinking design interface.

2. The glass edge and comer are full without air bubbles(smooth surface.no need to pare the comer under the condition that the glass are cut levelly and without dislocation after combined.

3.High automation,high efficiency,suitable for glass deep processing emerpnse to use.

4. Using two sets of independent sealant supply system (including the mixing device), two kinds of sealants switch in one-day operation easily

5. The third section can restore glass to improve efficiency.

6. Servo control system adopts world famous brand (Japan Ar\choan) (the performance is stable.

Technical Parameters

Voltage power

380V 12kw

Air pressure


Saueeze pressure


Max.Glass size


Min.Glass size

350 x500mm

Glass thickness


Working speed


Overall dimension


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