SHP4-CNC-3000×1800×120 CNC Four-corner Vertical Welding Machine

Product Details

1.Automatically for rectangular plastic door and window frame,fan welding.
2.The effective weld height and to take the overall increase in the corresponding enhanced rigidity design ,high production efficiency.
3.Linear bearing motion pair, high precision equipment,technical performance and stability.
4.The unique positioning mechanism and a clamping device,ensure the welding size precision and shape precision of position of stability.
5.The three coated craft route,with profiles of positioning and clamping function,effectively ensure the welding finished product size precision and flatness shape and position accuracy.

6.The welding forming of rectangular frame and fan products can be realized by one clamping.

7.The whole set of imported CNC system controls the welding products with high precision, easy operation, high reliability and high automation.

8.The whole set of imported linear motion pairs runs smoothly and has strong process stability.

9.The unique KNOW-HOW (technical know-how) guarantees weldability, shape size and angular strength.


Technical Parameters



Input voltage

380V/220V  50Hz

Input power

9.5 Kw

Air pressure


Air consumption


Welding height


Max. Welding width


Welding range


Overall dimension


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