GRFH-02 Hydraulic Pressure Machine

Product Details

1.Hydraulic press is the key equipment to ensure that the insulating strip and aluminium profile are closely combined and perpendicular.

2.By three groups of six roller assemblies, the grooves of the aluminium alloy profiles which have been penetrated into the insulation strip are pressed to ensure the connection strength of the aluminium alloy profiles.

3.Three sets of pressure sensors can be used to accurately adjust the pressure through electronic display to ensure the rolling quality of profiles.

Technical Parameters

Power supply

380V 50Hz

Input power:

5.15 kw

Processing Profile Speed


Processing Profile Size

80 x 280 mm

Diameter of Rolling Wheel



W500 *L5500mm

Support wheel height difference

0-20 mm

Size: (width × high × long)

1600 x 1100 x 1600 mm



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