LM4S-100×1800×3000 Four-head Corner Combining Machine

Product Details

1.The machine is used for efficient assembly of aluminium doors and windows, and can complete four-corner punching connection at one time.

2.Pressure device moves forward and backward automatically, easy to operate and form size is automatic.

3.The frame is specially welded with Anshan steel and aged.

4.Through the torque monitoring function of the servo system, the automatic pre-tightening of the four corners is realized to ensure the accuracy of the angle formation.

5.It is convenient to adjust the corner knife around and around to meet the needs of different profiles.

6.One-time framing can control the joints and flatness between profiles, so that the quality of framing can be predictable.

7.The seamless connection between the control system and the servo system greatly improves the control accuracy.

Technical Parameters

Power supply

380V 50Hz

Main motor power


Air pressure

0.5-0 .8M pa

Air consumption

0.45 L once

Fuel tank capacity


Adaptable Profile Width


Maximum Size of Frame

3000 x 1800mm

Minimum frame size

480 x 480 mm

Size: (width × high × long)

4700 x 2200 x 2500mm



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