LJZ2R-CNC-500×6000 CNC Variable Angle Double-head Precision Cutting Saw

Product Details

The machine adopts Europe model with neat appearance and good style.
The directly connected blade adopts Lever-swing cutting type.
The feeding of the blade is driven by air draulic damping cylinder, with smooth cutting.
The imported blade with high precision makes the cutting surface smooth.
The service motor drives the speed reducer to adjust the cutting angle in 45°~157.5°
The imported control system can ensure the cutting quality.
Several profile processing dimensions can be input one time and make continuous cutting.
The processing dimension can be directly input; the cutting length can be changed without returning the reference point.
It can mark the cutting profile in sequence.
The imported service motor with high moving speed and high precision should drive the sawing head.
The airproof device under the worktable has wonderful crumbs-clearing effect.
The following saw cover keeps it working in the clean environment.
The stuff follow-up supporter can reduce the machine space.
The profile was clamped by three cylinders in every head, and kept the cutting security.

Technical Parameters

Power supply

380V 50Hz

Main motor power


Air pressure

0.5-0.8M pa

Air consumption

60L /min

Main motor rotation speed


Cutting length

Max6000mm  min360  at 90 °

Max6000mm  min760  at 45°

Saw blade dimension


Cutting angle

45 °-90 °- 157.5°(Any angle in the range)

Cutting W x H


Repeat locating length


Angle cutting tolerance


Plane of cutting surface


Cutting profile surface roughness


Size: (width × high × long)




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