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Method for adjusting double-head saw of aluminum door and window machine


How to use and operate a double-head saw for broken aluminum doors and windows? This is the key part of the door and window processing workers, I hope everyone can read it carefully.

1. Adjustment of double-head saw for door and window equipment.

(1) Adjust the position of the compression cylinder

The aluminum alloy profile is placed on the work surface of the aluminum door and window device, and the compression cylinders of the two saw heads are adjusted to the most suitable position for pressing the workpiece, and then the cylinder is fixedly pressed.

(2) Adjust the blade feed rate

Firstly, the default saw blade feed speed test machine manufactured by the cutting saw. During the test machine, if the feed rate of the saw blade is not suitable, the working cylinder speed adjustment joint can be adjusted to increase or decrease the feed speed. The required feed rate is obtained.

(3) Adjust the sawing angle

The aluminum alloy profile precision cutting saw is adjusted according to the above items, and the test runs for 30 minutes after meeting the requirements.

(4) Adjust the cutting of the 90° angle of the device (the saw blade extends perpendicular to the work surface).

The precision cutting saw of aluminum alloy profile has been debugged and qualified before leaving the factory. Here, an aluminum alloy type can be directly sawed, and the sawing surface of the 90 degree angle is checked to meet the requirements, and the error is ±10'. If the requirements are not met, the bolts on the limit stop can be adjusted. Then repeat the sawing measurement to make it meet the requirements. Finally, pay attention to locking the nut on the cutting saw.

(5) Adjust the 45° angle of the cutting device (45° when the angle between the blade extension and the work surface is 45°)

Loosen the locking handle on the workbench, vent the angled cylinder, and lock the handle after the 45 degree angle is in place. Check for compliance after sawing the profile (error is ±10'). If the requirements are not met, the limit screws on the limit stop can be adjusted, and the sawing and measuring can be repeated to meet the requirements. Then tighten the nut on the screw and tighten the locking handle.

(6) Adjust the cutting length of the profile.

After the angle adjustment is completed, the cutting length of the aluminum alloy profile should be adjusted. Pull the handle to move the right saw head along the circular guide to the exact position (see the scale pointer). The scale indicates the length of the short side of the aluminum alloy profile. After the cutting is completed, if the length of the profile after cutting is deviated from the required length, fine adjustment should be carried out. When fine-tuning, tighten the brakes to adjust the hand, and turn the fine-tuning hand to the required size.

2, the operation of the double-head saw of the door and window equipment.

(1) First of all, everyone should be familiar with the functions of the buttons on the operation panel.

(2) After adjusting the angle and workpiece length, press the “saw start” button. After the saw motor runs smoothly, load the profile and press the 'clamp' and “saw stop” buttons. In case of special circumstances, Press the emergency stop button. The “saw head selection” switch is set to the “left” or “right” position, so that the left and right saw heads can work independently. If the dial is set to the “double” position, the left and right saw heads can work simultaneously. After the work is completed, turn off the main power.

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