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The development prospect of insulating glass


According to the development trend of the new market industry and architectural glass, in the next few decades, there will be countless existing building doors and windows entering the renewal period, but the advantages of insulating glass, such as architectural beauty, energy saving and environmental protection, will represent the development trend of the building door and window market.

Insulating glass advantages and characteristics

The excellent properties of insulating glass are thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties. The sunlight that is exposed to the summer produces a greenhouse effect, that is, the sunlight that shines on the glass is partially reflected off, and a part of the sunlight entering the room rises. In winter, due to the high thermal conductivity of the glass, it acts as a heat sink. The insulating glass can reduce the conduction heat transfer and reduce the convective heat transfer and radiation heat transfer. In addition, the insulating glass is also environmentally friendly and has a long service life.

Development opportunities for insulating glass

Not only that, China's building decoration project is also developing at a rapid pace, and the demand for insulating glass in new buildings is even more alarming. As insulating glass has been ranked among the energy-saving building materials, the Ministry of Construction has listed hollow glass as one of the building materials and energy-saving products for promotion and application in the "Regulations on Energy-saving Management of Civil Buildings", making China's insulating glass an important building energy-saving material. Good development situation and opportunities.

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