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A Brief Talk on the Main Problems Faced by Chinese Woodworking Machin


Woodworking machinery, as cutting equipment, plays a vital role in cutting logs into wood products. It is conceivable that if the shape of wood products sawn and cut by woodworking machinery machine tools is wrong, it will cause beautiful, especially in furniture and wood door industries, which will waste a lot of raw materials and bring unnecessary economic losses to enterprises.

I. General situation of woodworking machinery industry

China's woodworking machinery from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, gradually formed a complete industry system. At present, there are about 1200 production enterprises in China, and about 200 of them have a certain scale. Employees are 100,000, including more than 6,000 engineers and technicians, with a total industrial output value of 10 billion yuan. They can provide users with more than 1500 products, including plywood, blockboard, laminated wood, fiberboard, particleboard, medium density board, particleboard press, veneer, gorgeous board, polyester board, furniture, solid wood doors, flooring, various wood products and other complete sets of equipment. Its production enterprises, practitioners and the variety provided by the complete set of equipment. Its production enterprises, practitioners and varieties are the most in the world, and have become a real big producer of woodworking machine tools.

China's woodworking machinery industry is a "tripod" pattern. First, state-owned enterprises. The company has a large scale, a long history, strong fixed assets and a good technological foundation. It mainly produces large and medium-sized equipment and production lines. It has strong strength, such as several enterprises directly under the former Ministry of Forestry and Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Factory. Second: Township enterprises. With flexible management mechanism, large autonomy in production, supply, marketing, human, financial, material and many other aspects, its products are cheap, affordable, low technical content, simple structure, flexible supply and marketing, such as Weihai Woodworking Machinery Factory, Weihai Gongyou Group and so on. Third: Private, joint venture and sole proprietorship enterprises. The socialist market economy characterized by coexistence of various economic components has created a vast space for its survival and development. Enterprises are small in scale, adaptable to the market, flexible in production, flexible in plasticity and strong in survivability. They quickly absorb the world's newer technological achievements, experience and information, recruit talents from all over the world, develop and transform quickly, waste little, have high efficiency, and have new systems. They enjoy "policies" and develop rapidly without "burdens". Such as South China's Marshall Woodworking Machinery Factory, Yantai Power, Taiwan Taichung Precision Machinery Company, etc.

In recent years, preferential policies towards Taiwan and cheap labor and raw materials in mainland China have prompted Taiwan woodworking machinery enterprises to build factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangdong and Dalian. The entry of woodworking machinery in Taiwan has promoted the development of woodworking machinery in mainland China, and also increased the competition with the woodworking machine tool industry in mainland China.

II. Major Problems Faced by Woodworking Machinery Industry

1. Poor technological innovation capability of products is a fatal problem in the industry. Some enterprises take it from others, or buy it together with information and eat ready-made meals. "One pattern" has resulted in the homogenization and homogenization of products in the whole industry, which has become the root of the intensified price war.

2. The low level of product quality is a prominent problem in the industry. Isomorphism and homogeneity become the root of price competition. Low profits formed by low prices react on quality, resulting in the decline of product safety, reliability, accuracy and other quality problems.

3. Variety, lack of characteristics and low market share are potential problems of the industry. Many enterprises take the road of development of large and complete varieties, small and complete products. They want to win the world without distinctive features. Their market share is too low, the risk is very high, and the damage will be fatal.

4. The market channel is not smooth, which is a difficult problem for the industry. The formation of this problem is closely related to the absence or dislocation of the role of agents, the marketing strategy of manufacturers for quick success and instant benefit, and the lack or ignorance of market economic laws, which restricts the development of the whole industry.

5. Job-hopping is a common problem in the industry. This problem leads to the fluctuation of employees'thinking, "being in Cao Ying's heart is in Han Dynasty". The brain drain, technology leak and information outflow lead to a series of consequences of vicious competition, which is very lethal to enterprises, and the lessons are tragic.

Due to the variety of woodworking machinery products, the specialization of machine tool production is imperative. Each enterprise gives full play to its own advantages, chooses suitable products, and makes great efforts in "refinement" and "specialization". In the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and Jiaodong Peninsula, there have been some special manufacturers of woodworking machinery products. For example, in terms of quality and cost performance, Qingdao Qianchuan Wood Equipment Company's "Qianchuan" brand, Qingdao Jianhao, Xin Dynamics and other market share is relatively high. At present, in Linyi, Heze, Pizhou, Jiangsu, Jiashan, Nanxun, Putian, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and other wood processing intensive areas, there are a large number of distribution.

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