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How to avoid the cutter often touching the table when CNC engraving machine is working


Pepole who have used the engraving machine should have encountered the problem of props encountering the countertop, which is easy to cause damage to both the countertop and the cutting tool. So in order to reduce the damage to the cutting tool and table of the engraving machine, we need to take some preventive measures to avoid this situation. Here are some ways to try.

1. Firstly, the parameter setting is a problem. When the engraving machine is positioning on Z axis, it is not to let the knife touch the material surface, but to move the material so that the knife directly touches the mesa. If it touches the mesa, it's OK. Don't go deep. In this place, the Z axis first returns to zero, then according to the cutting depth set in Wentaili, the corresponding height is raised, and then the Z axis returns to zero, which is the origin of Z axis.

2. According to the setting depth of Wentaili, the lowest point of the engraving machine is the place where our door returns to zero for the first time, just above the table, so as to ensure that the material is completely engraved without damaging the table of the engraving machine. Secondly, it is better to add a protective plate on the table of the engraving machine. For example, the engraving machine of vacuum adsorption table can put a thin Austrian pine board on the table. The loose air permeability of the Austrian pine board itself will not affect the vacuum adsorption capacity, but also effectively avoid the tool damage and table surface problems caused by the inaccurate setting of the origin.

3. Even if the above-mentioned treatment is done in the use of the table surface of the engraving machine, there will inevitably be mistaken scratches in the long-term use. At this time, it is necessary to re-milling the platform surface. When the electric board or PVC on the table surface is too thin, it can be re-laid. In addition, it should be noted that in order to prevent the damage caused by collision in logistics transportation, after-sales personnel will be required to re-milling the platform when installing and debugging.

Above is the summary of WUEN ETERPRISES for you on how to avoid the tool often encounter desktop problems when the engraving machine is working. I hope it can help you to use the engraving machine. At the same time, we must operate according to the mechanical instructions in the use process, in order to avoid the damage caused by improper use of the engraving machine in production.

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