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Our site recently launched on-line


The content of the website is mainly related to company products and company related introductions, information, etc.

Shandong Wuen International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company engaged in import and export trade, carrying out domestic and foreign trade, Sino-foreign joint venture, cooperative production, and entrepot trade. The company relies on professional door and window curtain wall machine and CNC router(engraving machine) research and development, production, assembly, sales experience and advantageous resources, mainly engaged in aluminum door and window curtain wall machine, PVC door and window machine, insulating glass machine, CNC router(engraving machine) and related parts and materials and many more.

As a window of domestic and international trade, the company has gathered the superior resources of professional door and window equipment and engraving machine manufacturers. It has strong research, development, production, sales and service capabilities and economic strength. The equipment is complete in variety and well-made. Different levels of market demand, and can be customized according to the special requirements of users. Integrated products, integrated sales, and integrated services make you worry-free.

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